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Smeltings Farm Riding Centre

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Horse Whispering

Just what is "Horse Whispering"?

The basis of horse whispering does not infact involve any verbal communication, the term "whispering" relates to the non-verbal method of communicating with horses. It is this lack of verbal communication that can actually teach us a great deal. Professor of psychology at UCLA, Albert Mehrabian, famously assessed that of human interactions 93% of all communication is non-verbal, so working with horses, who do not communicate verbally, provides an ideal opportunity to begin to understand this.

By taking away words we are forced to really think about the way we act and the impact this has on others. Horses have no preconceived ideas and are not prejudiced by who you are, the clothes you wear or the car you drive.

So what can you learn from Horse Whispering?

Well the list is endless and the real answer is - whatever you want to learn. Horses will highlight your faults and weaknesses but at the same time they will not judge you, they will help you to overcome these faults/weaknesses. People become very vulnerable and honest when around horses and this is when they can then open up to new ideas, new thought processes and develop new skills both in life and business.

How will this help my business/organisation?

Horses provide honest, instant and accurate feedback moment by moment to how we are being and behaving around them. Horses will not fake feelings and do not role play. If you want a horse to follow, you have to demonstrate true leadership capabilities.

Interacting with horses requires the same personal qualities as leading people in the workplace - qualities such as vision, focus, intention, energy, empathy and influence. It also requires effective

non-verbal communication an important assett for dealing with colleagues, staff and customers.

How will this help individuals?

Horses act as a mirror and you will see in them your own personal qualities. Horses are both teachers and healers and will help develop self confidence, trust, respect and understanding. Horses also offer

a moment of escape, of being yourself without fear of judgement and ridicule.